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What do DJs do on their days off?

Hmmm. Well what i love to do on my DAY OFF is get some REST. Being your own boss, it takes a TOLL on you but when your DOING some that you love, its No LONGER considered work. But everyone can get TIRED from just RUNNING around doing what you love to do. Plus, Just the hours are just LONGER than normal 9 to 5. Well basically a normal 7 to 7. To consider traveling is also a part of a normal job. But, practice makes perfect (even though PERFECT doesn't really EXIST). So just practice my craft and listening to old and new songs to see if its STILL worth having these songs in my LIBRARY worth playing. I also ENJOY cooking, FITNESS (I'm a GYM rat), a good book or newspaper article to help get through the day. So yeah, if i forget anything I'll add more on later....

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